About Inkymole's Motors


We are Leigh and Sarah, and we have owned ornery, ugly, rare and strange cars all our adult lives.

We've been Nissan Pao owners since 2011, driving and using our Paos all over the UK and Europe. Along the way we've amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience of this unusual and rewarding car and its JDM brethren.

We drive our cars daily, from shopping runs and holidays to shows and business trips. 

Having been a part of running the Nissan Pao Fan Club page on Facebook for many years, sharing tips, knowledge, exciting discoveries and resources with fellow owners, we built the shop as a means of offering realistically-priced parts and service items alongside unique, custom-created project pieces that you won't find anywhere else.

Our goal is and has always been to keep as many Paos robustly on the road for as long as possible!

So when you buy anything from us you can do so in the knowledge that you're buying from experienced, enthusiastic and supportive Pao People who've been at the heart of the Pao community for over a decade.



Why are we called Inkymole's Motors?

We're two people, Leigh and Sarah. Our creative company is Inkymole; Sarah is a professional full time illustrator working for clients across the globe on advertising, publishing, music, screen and editorial projects. 

When we needed a way to share updates on our growing car collection, we simply called it Inkymole's Motors - a name for what we do with cars: experimentation, track days, shows and creative modifications, enjoying our cars to the best of our combined abillities!


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